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What is that job?

What is that job is a podcast that explores the jobs that people do. Every month I'll be chatting to people who do strange and interesting jobs. My aim is to discover what inspires them, what makes their job interesting and take a peek into a day in the life of the person.

Dec 4, 2016

In this first podcast episode of What is that job, I interview my friend Grietje Even who is a TV presenter and voiceover artist. She is also an all round videographer who hosts, edits, directs and connects people through stories on TV and Youtube.

I've always been interested in what the job of a TV presenter entails. On the surface it appears to be fairly easy and rather glamorous. During the interview Grietje set the record straight by sharing her experiences and insights.

Grietje spent some time in theatre directing where one of the difficulties to contend with is the fact that the work follows you around constantly. It's difficult to disengage. This is a common problem with many jobs. One of my favourite quotes that Grietje used was, "It's not a job you do, it's a thing that sticks around with you".

You can find Grietje on social media channels @TravelGretl

Check out my youtube channel and social media @DutchifiedBlog